North Bend Jazz Walk - North Bend, WA - 2018-04-21

North Bend Jazz Walk, multiple venues, North Bend, WA, April 21, 2018

Of the 15+ artists across a dozen locations I caught these: Pioneer Coffee - Kelly and Sage Eisenhour; Valley Center Stage - Endemic Ensemble; Twedes - Janette West Quartet w/ Ed Weber, Dan O'Brien, Marty Tuttle; Georgia's Bakery - Johnaye Kendrick, Chris Symer, Bill Anschell.

Golden Road - Seattle, WA - 2018-03-22

Golden Road, with opening act Cascade Crescendo, Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA, March 22, 2018.

Golden Road is Andy Coe, Colin Higgins, Keith Lowe, Wayne Horvitz, Paul Moore, and Eric Eagle. At this show they performed Europe '72, front-to-back. They are coming back in May for Reckoning. I might be, too.

Setlist: Cumberland Bues, He's Gone, One More Saturday Night, Jack Straw, You Win Again, Chinacat Sunflower, I Know You Rider, Brown-Eyed Woman, Hurts Me Too, Ramble On Rose, Sugar Magnolia, Mr. Charlie, Tennessee Jed, Trucking', Epilogue, Prelude, Morning Dew.

Lorde - Seattle, WA - 2018-03-09

Lorde, with support artists Run the Jewels and Tove Styrke, Key Arena, Seattle, WA, March 9, 2018.

Lorde Setlist: Sober, Homemade Dynamite, Tennis Court, Magnets, Buzzcut Season, 400 Lux, Ribs, The Louvre, Hard Feelings, Yellow Flicker Beat, Writer in the Dark, Solo, Liability, Sover II (Melodrama), Supercut, Royals, Perfect Places, Green Light. Encore: Loveless, Precious Metals, Team.

Run the Jewels Setlist: Run the Jewels, Talk to Me, Legend Has It, Call Ticketron, Blockbuster Night Part 1, Oh My Darling Don't Cry, Stay Gold, Don't Get Captured, Nobody Speak, Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck), Sealegs, A Report to Shareholders, Down.

Randy Halberstadt - Seattle, WA - 2018-03-07

Randy Halberstadt, Royal Room, Seattle, WA, March 7, 2018.

From the event listing:
Pianist Randy Halberstadt and his all-star septet will be heading into the studio later in March to record his fifth CD, “Open Heart,” which will come out in the fall on Origin Records. Tonight’s concert will feature the selections from that project, including music by Mancini, Ellington, Strayhorn, Gershwin, several brand new Halberstadt originals – and even Chopin! They’ll also throw in some fun off-the-cuff standards along the way, as this band features some of the finest improvisational talent in the Northwest and beyond.

Chuck Deardorf – bass
Adam Kessler – drums
Jay Thomas – trumpet/flugelhorn/flute
Ben Thomas – vibes
Dave Marriott – trombone
Mark Taylor – alto
Randy Halberstadt – piano 

Hotcakes - Austin, TX - 2018-02-17

Hotcakes, Donn's Depot, Austin, TX, February, 17, 2018

This show may have started on February 17 but from what I recall it ended sometime the 18th...what a great cover band...walked in to them playing a Philly Soul medley and over the next several hours they left no stone unturned...Talking Heads, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, and only christ remembers what else.

The crazy thing is how intensely good they were! Billie Jean actually sounded as good as And She Was and Brown Sugar...This is just one of the things Austin is all about: a random cover band in a West End dive bar as good as just about anything else you could see in any other city that night. And nothing better than old cowboys dancing with young college students and middle-aged hipsters...

Folk Uke - Austin, TX - 2018-02-17

Folk Uke, Saxon Pub, Austin, TX, February 17, 2018

Shit Makes the Flower Grow. BJ to a DJ. Starfucker. Motherfucker Got Fucked Up. These titles and many others are all songs written and performed by Folk Uke, an acoustic duo made up of Cindy Guthrie and Amy Nelson. Yes, daughters of Arlo and Willie...

No wilting flowers are these two, but neither are they simply shock ukers. Behind the bawdiness, each song is a clever take on topics ranging from the existential purpose of asshole people, what it takes to get on country radio, growing up as the progeny of a famous dad witnessing what a certain class of person will do to get close to said dad and more. Smart Stupid.

Caught this show at Saxon Pub, a roadside "listening room" in Austin known as a place where anything can're just as likely to see Willie Nelson as Amy...This show started at 6 PM on a Saturday and given the fact that there are no windows (and that the place was full), it could just have easily been midnite. It was the start of a long night...

Luna - Seattle, WA - 2018-01-23

Luna, with support act Evan Way (of Parson Redheads), Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA, January 23, 2018

The first time seeing my favourite (and quintessential) "New York" band in a locale other than NYC....I'll take Luna wherever I can get 'em.

Setlist: GTX3, Chinatown, Fire in Cairo (Cure cover), Let Me Dream if I Want To (Mink DeVille cover), California (All the Way), Malibu Love Nest, Freakin' and Peakin', Still at Home, Tracy I Love You, I Want Everything, Car Wash Hair (Mercury Rev cover), Time to Quit, 23 Minutes in Brussels, One Fine Summer Morning (Evie Sands cover), Friendly Advice.

DeVotchka with the Seattle Symphony - Seattle, WA - 2017-11-15

DeVotchka with the Seattle Symphony, S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA, November 15, 2017

Set One: The Alley, The Clockwise Witness, Along the Way, All the Sand in the Sea, Firetrucks on the Boardwalk, Undone, Queen of the Surface Streets, Comrade Z (Seattle Symphony only). Set Two: The Last Beat of My Heart, 100 Other Lovers, New Song, Venus in Furs, The Enemy Guns, The Oblivion, How it Ends.