Keith Richards: Vintage Vinos

Project Summary:
Medium: CD and Digital
Date: Nov 2010
Role: Producer and Project Manager

Details: Vintage Vinos is the first collection of material from the solo recordings of Keith Richards.

“…Richards three albums on which the X-pensive Winos appear are now out of print, but some of their best tracks will be reissued November 2 on VINTAGE VINOS…another way to connect with what makes him so special.” - Wall Street Journal

Track Listing:
  1. Take It So Hard
  2. Big Enough
  3. You Don’t Move Me
  4. Struggle
  5. Make No Mistake
  6. Too Rude
  7. Time Is On My Side
  8. Happy
  9. Connection
  10. Wicked As It Seems
  11. Eileen
  12. Hate It When You Leave
  13. Locked Away
  14. Hurricane
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