Folk Uke - Austin, TX - 2018-02-17

Folk Uke, Saxon Pub, Austin, TX, February 17, 2018

Shit Makes the Flower Grow. BJ to a DJ. Starfucker. Motherfucker Got Fucked Up. These titles and many others are all songs written and performed by Folk Uke, an acoustic duo made up of Cindy Guthrie and Amy Nelson. Yes, daughters of Arlo and Willie...

No wilting flowers are these two, but neither are they simply shock ukers. Behind the bawdiness, each song is a clever take on topics ranging from the existential purpose of asshole people, what it takes to get on country radio, growing up as the progeny of a famous dad witnessing what a certain class of person will do to get close to said dad and more. Smart Stupid.

Caught this show at Saxon Pub, a roadside "listening room" in Austin known as a place where anything can're just as likely to see Willie Nelson as Amy...This show started at 6 PM on a Saturday and given the fact that there are no windows (and that the place was full), it could just have easily been midnite. It was the start of a long night...

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