Spotify Is No Netflix But Has a Chance to Soar Beyond Pandora

Served as a primary source in a research report from Blueshift Research.

"Blueshift’s initial research found strong revenue and subscriber growth in SPOT’s first earnings report as a public company but also some question marks around profitability and revenue per user. SPOT’s success and growing influence in the music industry has led to some comparisons to NFLX, but content control and costs remain huge obstacles. SPOT also faces formidable competition from AAPL, GOOG/GOOGL, AMZN, and others...What are the biggest threats to SPOT’s subscriber growth? Can SPOT get control over content costs and improve gross margins? How can SPOT differentiate itself from rivals like AAPL and AMZN? Can SPOT become as dominant in streaming music as NFLX is in video? To answer these and other questions, Blueshift will gather data and issue a market research report from independent sources in the following areas: Record labels and publishers, Content creators and brokers, Competitors, and Industry specialists."

Get more information about the report here.

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