Lyte-ing It Up With Ant Taylor And Lawrence Peryer

by Francisco Rendon on, April 6, 2020. 
"With the live industry dramatically disrupted, some have adopted anxious or more doom and gloom tones when talking about the business. Ticketing platform Lyte was seeing astronomical growth before the shutdown, matching its total 2018 revenue in Q1 of 2019 alone and securing an additional $15 million in Series A financing from the likes of Bernie Cahill and Activist Artist Management Oct. 8.
At an event with which Lyte is partnered, fans can swiftly return their tickets, plus fees, at the original point of purchase. Organizers then re-sell the ticket to someone else who wants it, often fans who missed out on original tickets and were put on a waiting list. While fans miss out on the potential profits from re-selling a hot ticket, Lyte’s whole pitch for years has been to make returnability and refundability easy, and the word “refunds” is key in the discourse on ticketing these days. 
The tone when speaking to some of Lyte’s top executives was bright. While acknowledging many are suffering directly from the health effects of COVID-19 and many more are struggling with the economic fallout from efforts to control the spread of the disease, company founder and CEO Ant Taylor and Chief Revenue Officer Lawrence Peryer were optimistic about the future of the live business, especially as they have just partnered with the iconic festival Bonnaroo, joining partners like Coachella and BottleRock Napa Valley. 
Taylor and Peryer spoke to Pollstar about the state of their company and the business in general, and where things are headed." - Click here for the full piece.

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